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The Benefits of Selling Annuity Payment Settlements

Whether you received your annuity payment settlement as part of a lawsuit or some other agreement, there are times when having funding tied up this tightly doesn’t make sense. Circumstances can change, giving rise to a more immediate need for money. When they do, it is possible to get cash for structured settlement payments.

It is perfectly legal in most jurisdictions to sell annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum that is more flexible in its purposing. It is also feasible to sell only a portion of a structured settlement. This will give you access to a smaller payout amount, but will retain a reduced, but regular flow of income.

Making the decision to sell structured settlement payments can prove to be beneficial for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits that can come along with the decision to sell annuity payment settlements include:

Having the ability to pay off bills – When bills are piled up for whatever reason and paying them off can make breathing easier, it does not make sense to wait on annuity payment checks that come in. If paying bills off will better position you financially to thrive on other income, making the decision to sell structured settlement payments is a good one.

Having the ability to invest – A guaranteed annuity payment is nice, but it’s not an investment that can grow and make you more money. When other opportunities arise that can prove more beneficial in the long run, it is often wise to look into selling a structured settlement. Whether the investment is in someone else’s business or one you’d like to start, growing money rather than waiting on payments is almost always a better route to take.

Having the ability to secure shelter – Sitting on an annuity for a small monthly payment does not make sense when a sale can provide the funding needed to purchase and even pay off a home. This can be not only a sound investment of annuity payment money, but also a good move for ensuring peace of mind.

Enjoying choice – A structured settlement will provide steady funding for a set period of time. It does not, however, give the recipient a lot of choice in how the money is used. When you successfully sell an annuity payment settlement, you simply gain more choice over how your money can be used.

Selling an annuity involves a rather detailed process that must take individual state laws into account. When expertise is required, Colonial Settlement is here to help. For more than 15 years, our team of experts has been helping people just like you realize their dreams by providing them a way to sell annuity settlement payments.

You do not have to wait month by month for your money to come in. If you have a need or desire to sell your annuity payment in part or full, Colonial Settlement is poised to assist you every step of the way. With a track record of impeccable customer service and one of the highest closing rates in the country, we can help you make your funding goals become reality.