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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

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Cash for Annuity Payment Settlements Can Fund Dreams

Years ago you received a structured settlement and have been getting payments ever since. The monthly funding is nice, but you have your eye on doing something more with the money. Your needs have changed and so have your dreams. The problem is, you’re just not sure if you can get cash for annuity payment checks that will arrive in the future. Still, you’d like better control of your money and a lump sum to work with.

Is this possible?

In many cases, yes you can sell structured settlement payments. Colonial Settlement can help. For more than two decades we have been helping people like you realize their dreams and take care of more pressing matters by purchasing future annuity payment checks for cash in the here and now.

When the decision is made to sell structured settlement payments, Colonial’s team of professionals can guide you through the process. Since structured settlement sales are often overseen by the court system, it is important to work with a company that has a long reputation for integrity in the field. Colonial delivers by providing you access to professionals that enjoy one of the highest closing rates in the country. Our staff is well known for not only its experience, but also its attention to detail, swift handling of settlements and exemplary customer service.

If you have a dream that access to cash for structured settlement payments could help fund, there is often no reason to put it on hold. It is feasible to get cash for annuity payment checks for a variety of reasons. Whether your personal circumstances have changed and the monthly payments are no longer needed or you have an opportunity to make a much better investment, you can sell annuity payments to realize your goals. It is even possible to make a partial sale so you can retain some of your settlement as positive cash flow in your favor.

The exact process involved with getting cash for structured settlement payments can vary based upon your state. Most states will require a court order to authorize the process and enable you to get cash for annuity payment agreements. Many recent rulings, however, have made the process more streamlined, enabling people just like you to get access to their funding faster when their circumstances change.

Payment amounts for the sale of structured settlements can vary based on a number of influencing factors. They include such things as the amount of your annuity, the frequency and amount of payments, current economic conditions at the time of sale and the financial solvency of the issuer in question. Colonial staff members can provide you with a quote to help guide your decision.

Sitting on dreams for want of funding, just does not make sense when you have access to a structured settlement. When you take cash for annuity payment settlements, you can fund your goals faster. Colonial Settlement is here to help you every step of the way.