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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Cash for Structured Settlement

How to Get Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

You received a structured settlement many years ago and it has served you well. Your present needs, however, have changed and you could greatly benefit from having access to a larger pool of money. There is plenty left in the annuity, if you could only get your hands on it.

Is it possible to get cash for structured settlement payments that you are guaranteed in the future? Do you have to accept the money as it trickles in or can you sell annuity payments for money in the here and now?

Under most circumstances, you can, in fact, get cash for annuity payment arrangements. While the exact steps involved can vary based on the state you live in, the process is generally not daunting. If you want to get cash for structured settlement payments, you’ll want to consider such things as:

The reason for desiring the payout – The legalities surrounding annuity payment sales can vary between states. Some jurisdictions might require a legitimate reason for trading in steady annuity payment checks for a lump sum payment. Reasons that are generally considered valid include paying off debts, buying a home or business and even investing in something that has a higher return. Stating the reason for wanting cash for structured settlement payments can also help you better decide if this route is right for you.

How much of a payout is desired – When you decide to sell structured settlement payments, you do have an option to retain some of the annuity. Partial payouts can give you immediate access to cash and still provide you with a steady stream of income in the future. Do keep in mind, that when you get cash for structured settlement agreements, you will not receive the full face value of the annuity. The offer can be influenced by such things as present economic conditions, current interest rates, the solvency of the issuing company and the frequency and amount of your payments.

Other funding sources – Before making the decision to seek cash for annuity payment settlements, it is wise to consider the financial positioning that will result. If another steady stream of income is present or a payout will greatly improve financial positioning, the sale can make a great deal of sense. If the annuity is the only incoming stream of money, however, a full sale might not make sense.

If you are interested in getting cash for structured settlement payments, Colonial Settlement is here to assist. With more than two decades in the field of purchasing income streams, our company has helped people all over the country receive the funding they need when they desire it the most.

Colonial’s team of highly trained staff members will work directly with you to ensure a process that flows smoothly and as rapidly as the law will allow. With one of the highest closing rates in the entire country, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands when Colonial Settlement is involved in the sale of your annuity.