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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Stop Waiting for Monthly Payments on Real Estate Notes

When money is tied up in a long-term investment or payment vehicle that pays out on a monthly basis, the security and peace of mind delivered can be quite nice. If that money would better serve its rightful owner in a lump sum, however, the holdup can be a real problem. It can be very frustrating sitting on a large amount of money and only being able to access it a small payment at a time.

This does not have to be the only option. If you own real estate notes or a structured settlement, more effectively accessing the cash you need is possible. Colonial Settlement is a diversified investment company that purchases income streams such as these to give their recipients the money they need now – not years down the road.

If you’ve been considering getting cash for structured settlement payments or selling your real estate notes for immediate access to funding, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of people just like you explore the options available to them to turn their monthly annuity payment into money they can leverage and use immediately.

The reasons people just like you decide to sell annuity payments or real estate notes, vary. Some of the biggest motivators include:

Immediate financial needs – When money is required to pay off bills, pay medical expenses, fund long-term care or simply upgrade personal property, holding on to an annuity or real estate notes isn’t always the best choice. Making the decision to sell annuity payments or note under these circumstances can better position you financially.

Better investment opportunities – There are times when money tied up in an annuity or real estate holding would actually earn more and be worth more wrapped up in another investment vehicle. Getting cash for annuity payment settlements in this circumstance simply can make better use of the funding for long-term financial security.

Personal reasons – Sometimes a structured settlement or real estate holding would simply serve a person better by being used for something entirely different. It is possible to get funding by selling structured settlements for such things as family gifts, personal expenses, recreational use and more.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Colonial’s staff is highly skilled in helping people and companies alike get the money they need right away by purchasing all or part of their future payments on real estate notes and structured settlement agreements. Colonial’s reputation in the field is impeccable. Its staff members, in fact, boast one of the country’s highest closing percentages.

When Colonial Settlement is selected to facilitate the sale of real estate notes or a structured settlement, clients can depend on a few things. With its experience, Colonial brings professionalism and know-how to transactions. Our reputation of delivering swift service, a high closing ratio, commonsense underwriting and qualified research speaks for itself.

If it is time to sell structured settlement agreements or real estate notes for cash that can be used right away, Colonial Settlement is poised to assist. Our highly professional staff members are here to help make your funding goals a reality.


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