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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Sell Annuity Payments

Sell Annuity Payments for The Cash You Need Now

Whether you represent a business with ownership of no-longer-needed annuities or are an individual who has been declared the recipient of a structured settlement, there are times when having full access to your money will just make more sense. You do not have to wait out the payments and receive what is rightfully yours in drips and drabs. It is often much wiser to sell annuity payments and get the cash you need in hand now.

Professionals at Colonial Settlement are highly skilled in helping clients sell annuity payments they no longer wish to receive in exchange for a lump sum. For more than two decades, our company has specialized in assisting our clients in realizing their financial goals by purchasing all or part of their future payment streams from structured annuity payment vehicles.

While there are some rules and regulations that can impact structured settlement sales, Colonial Settlement is highly versed on a national scale. Our professionals can walk you or your business through the process to sell annuity payments so you can have access to the money you need now, rather than having to wait.

When you decide to sell annuity payments to Colonial Settlement, you will deal with an established team of professionals that bring years of experience to your unique situation. You can also count on receiving topnotch service and swift handling of your case. Colonial Settlement prides itself on having one of the highest closing rates in the entire country. Our professionals work expediently to ensure you have the funding you need in a timely manner whether you’re seeking a full buy out or partial payment.

When you choose to sell annuity payments, you will find a number of factors can go into determining how much you can receive. When cash for structured settlement is sought, the amount will be determined by such things as:

The amount of the annuity you are seeking to sell – The amount of an offer to purchase a structured settlement will, of course, be impacted by any desire you may have to retain partial ownership of payments.

The value of the annuity – The amount and actual timing of the payments you receive as your annuity payment will impact the offer.

The stability of the funding stream – When you sell annuity payments to Colonial, our offer will be influenced by the stability of the issuer and its ability to make payments on time and in the full amount.

The economy – Current economic conditions at the time of the sale of a structured settlement can influence the offer, as well. When you sell annuity payments, things like present interest rates can have an impact.

Making the decision to sell annuity payments can be a prudent choice. When the money would better serve you or your company in full rather than payments, this option provides a way to make it so.

If you’re ready to sell annuity payments to fund other goals, Colonial Settlement is here to help. With more than 15 years in the field, our company can turn your monthly annuity payment into cash in your hand when you need it the most.