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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Sell Structured Settlement

Sell Structured Settlement Payments for Better Financial Control

When you receive a structured settlement, you are guaranteed a steady stream of income for an extended period of time. This type of settlement can be quite beneficial and give you peace of mind and access to money on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, circumstances arise that make it more equitable to sell structured settlement payments rather than wait to receive monthly checks. When you simply want or need better control of your money, it does make sense to sell annuity payments for a lump sum.

Colonial Settlement is here to help you gain control over your funding source so you can leverage it as you see fit. Our company can assist by purchasing your structured settlement payments so you can have the cash you need to finance other goals.

When people seek cash for annuity payment vehicles, they often do so for the very reasons that are likely driving you to seek to sell your structured settlement. Some of the financial motivators for deciding to sell annuity payments include:

The opportunity to make a better investment – Getting cash for structured settlement payments can provide you the funding you need to make an investment with a higher potential yield. If you sell structured settlement payments to purchase or start a business or buy a better investment vehicle, you could earn yourself more money over time than the payments would have been.

The opportunity to eliminate debt – When it is possible to sell structured settlement payments to reduce your overall monthly financial obligations, it often makes sound financial sense to do so. Debt reduction or elimination of debt entirely is a big motivating factor for many to seek cash for structured settlement payments.

The opportunity to realize other dreams – Some people find they would rather sell structured settlement payments to fund goals or dreams they’ve harbored for a while. Purchasing a home, paying for a college degree or even gifting money to family members can all be strong motivating factors.

A strong structured settlement can be like having money in the bank. The only problem is withdrawing that money for use on other, more important expenditures is not necessarily easy.  Colonial Settlement can help turn the situation around by guiding you through the process and making certain the legalities are covered.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Colonial Settlement has built its reputation on trust. Servicing clients all over the nation, our staff members are highly skilled in facilitating settlements that are equitable, swift and as hassle-free as possible for our clients.

Owning the rights to a structured settlement can provide you a steady stream of income. Sometimes, however, issues arise that simply make the decision to sell structured settlement payments sound. When you need more control over your financial future, it does not make sense to sit on a settlement and wait for payments to trickle in. If you are ready to unlock the funding you have available to you, Colonial Settlement is ready to assist.