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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Senior Settlements Put Money in the Bank

Seniors facing the need or desire to alter their financial planning do not necessarily have to leave money lying on the table. Senior settlements related to insurance policies or annuities can often provide the perfect solution to put money in the bank right away.

At Colonial Settlement it is our business to help seniors obtain the money they need now by facilitating the sale of whole life, universal and convertible term policies. We also specialize in helping seniors sell annuity payments or other structured settlement agreements.

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Insurance Policy Senior Settlements

As people get older, it is not uncommon for the financial plans they carefully laid out earlier in life to no longer be valid. Insurance policies that have been paid on for years, for example, can become obsolete or no longer needed. While it might seem like a sound financial move to suspend making payments on a policy of this nature, doing so can actually result in a big loss for seniors. When this is done, a policy will be canceled and seniors will not be able to recover their investment.

Senior settlements can provide a solution that can help people not only recover their investment in a policy, but also some of the face value, as well. This can put money in the bank and give seniors access to funding they may have otherwise walked away from.

Colonial Settlement can help seniors recover some of the value of the policies they have diligently paid on year after year. We can facilitate the sale of non-contestable policies that are at least two years old. Senior settlements can vary in value based on the policy in question, but it is not uncommon for this type of sale to result in a much more attractive dollar amount than the surrender value on a policy.

Cash for Annuity Payment

When it is time to reorganize financial planning, a structured settlement can be a thorn in a senior’s side. While it is nice to receive set payments on a regular basis, situations can arise that make it imperative or just wiser to have access to a greater lump sum in lieu of the monthly payouts.

Colonial Settlement is here to help. Our specialists can assist seniors who wish to sell structured settlement payments. When the decision is made to sell annuity payments, seniors will find there are a number of options available to them. It is sometimes feasible to sell part of a settlement and still receive partial monthly payments. Getting cash for structured settlement payments that would encompass the entire payout can also be possible.

There are a number of reasons why seniors might make the decision to sell structured settlement payments. Some of the most common include estate planning, reinvestment in higher yielding financial tools, pressing financial need and even gifting to family members. The rules for obtaining cash for structured settlement payments can be difficult to navigate alone. Colonial Settlement can assist.

While there is security in having a structured settlement, sometimes the need to access a larger amount of money is present. Colonial Settlement is here to help seniors that wish to obtain cash for annuity payment agreements.