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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

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Leverage a Structured Settlement to Your Advantage

When you receive a structured settlement through a lawsuit or other means, the steady funding source can certainly have an impact on your finances month to month. After all, having a monthly annuity payment to count on is as good as having money in the bank. Or, is it?

If you have a pressing or immediate need for cash or a desire to simply have more control over your own financial future, those small monthly payments can actually be a thorn in your side. It can be frustrating to have a large annuity in your name, but no way to gain full access over the funding.

There is a way to leverage the money you have tied up in that annuity. You can get cash for structured settlement payments. When you make the choice to sell annuity payments, you don’t necessarily have to give up the monthly income stream either. You can choose to sell the whole amount or a part of it.

If you’re ready to explore the option of selling your structured settlement for money you can better leverage to your advantage, Colonial Settlement is here to assist. With more than two decades in the field, our team of experts can guide you through the process no matter your home state.

Colonial Settlement is an established company that serves to purchase streams of income. Whether you want to sell a structured settlement received following a court case or you have lottery winnings that would serve you better in a lump sum, Colonial can help.

When you gain access to your own money, you will discover a world of possibilities open up to you. Selling a structured settlement can give you the funding to realize your dreams and do such thing as:

Pay off debts – This might be one of the biggest reasons why people just like you seek to sell structured settlement payments. Taking the money in a lump sum rather than waiting for monthly payments can enable you to pay off debts and put you in a more comfortable financial position moving into the future.

Make major purchases – If you’d like to buy a home, rehabilitate the one you live in or even invest in a business of your own to make more money, structured settlement sales can assist with the funding. While the amount you will receive will depend on the annuity amount, the payment frequency and a variety of other factors, having a lump sum to work with can make purchasing big-ticket items much easier.

Make more lucrative investments – A structured settlement is not an investment that will grow over time. When you have an opportunity to make a sound investment, passing it by because an annuity has your money locked up just doesn’t make sense.

A structured settlement can serve you well. Sometimes, however, it just makes more sense to be able to leverage your own money. When it’s time to consider buyers of structured settlement payments, Colonial Settlement can facilitate the process and help you realize your goals.